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Ashley Cooper is an empowerment coach, inspirational speaker and writer on a mission to help people everywhere unlock their full potential. She overcame years of depression & suicidal ideology as a child to honour her life’s purpose of helping others unlock their full potential. Her biggest breakthrough came from a 21 day vow of silence she did at the end of a year long journey following her soul through South East Asia and Australia. During this vow of silence she went from a complete nervous breakdown to a spiritual breakthrough, and has committed herself to helping others find that freedom. She is also the founder of “The 6A Method from Pain to Power™” a comprehensive system & set of tools to help people see obstacles as opportunities and vulnerability as strength.

“Because of the Fear to Fierce™ program, I have peace of mind and the experience of self-love like never before. Even though Ashley’s program follows 6 tangible steps, there is something extra and intangible that she brings to her coaching that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  Since working with Ashley I am now living my dreams, fulfilling my mission and am working with more clients than I ever have. The deeper self-love that I have gotten from this program has translated into me making more financially than I ever have as an entrepreneur.  There is no limit to the magic that this work can create in your life.”

– Joanna Guerriere, Ghostwriter, Editor and Writing Coach

“Since working with Ashley over the last 1.5 months I’ve had huge breakthroughs in my life. Not only has my business reached its first 5 figure month ever, Ive achieved personal success in my relationships with my husband & daughter like never before. In every coaching call I’ve had with Ashley she has reached into my soul & pulled out things I had never realized before. What can I say about Ashley? She’s simply magic.”

– Selin Alpogan Arslan – Entrepreneur / Founder Simply Put Goods

“I truly cannot say enough about Ashley & her work. Not only does she bring magic to the lives of everyone she works with, it was one of the most comprehensive and doable programs I’ve seen and done so far! Everyone should try this program, it WILL empower you, cultivate awareness and make you learn so much about yourself and your behavioral patterns.”

Dorota Buczel , Entrepreneur / Hypnotherapist / Founder The Alchemy Centre

“Since working with Ashley I’m not only working half the time & making triple the amount, this is happiest Ive been in my life [ Because I know how to get into & stay in a high vibration ] I truly feel I’ve discovered what happiness is.”

Marie-Eve St-Pierre , Coach / Personal Trainer & Founder of LetitbeFIT

“WOW. Ashley has created one of the most comprehensive and powerful programs that I’ve seen. I am blown away by her professional and methodical approach to help anyone to turn their pain and struggle in to power and freedom. In this program, Ashley uses her step by step approach to help you connect with your personal authentic power. I highly recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck and wants to take their life to next level.”

Eda Hardy - International Best-Selling Speaker / Author / Emotional Wellness Practitioner 

“Ashley cooper is a powerhouse of a person. She embodies what it means to passionately pursue your goals with the intention of bringing value to the world. She gives of herself and teaches how you can overcome your fears to do the same. If you have ANY intentions of taking your life past fear of failure and into a life fulfilled, then you MUST make Ashley part of your life and journey.”

Anthony Trucks- Former NFL player, Author, Speaker, 6 figure consultant

“In over 20 years of studying Self-help & Self- Actualization material, I have encountered few programs that are as concise, supportive and elegant as Ashley’s 6A method from Pain To Power™” If this is something that intrigues you at all, i can’t encourage you enough to look into her program and method.”

Dr. Matthew Hertert - Thriving Diabetics

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you